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Diamond companies, consisting of Diamond Electric, Diamond State Engineering, and Diamond Mechanical, provides comprehensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services including design, installation, and maintenance across the Delmarva Peninsula. Our capabilities are unique in that we perform our work in-house using our diverse and capable staff consisting of registered master electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, Electrical and Mechanical Professional Engineers, and CAD designers.

Our approach to MEP is distinct in that we focus on developing lasting relationships with our clients and gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and goals. Our forward-thinking approach to the design process drives us to deliver systems that are optimized for maximum life and engineered with future service, repair, and replacement considerations in mind. Our installations benefit from the presence of an in-house engineering resource to ensure systems deliver peak performance and reliability in addition to meeting all project and code requirements.

Our service division provides additional value by allowing us to develop long term relationships with our clients after major projects are complete. By servicing and maintaining the systems we design and install, the invaluable knowledge base we gain allows us to provide a faster turnaround for troubleshooting and repairs and deliver the most value by fixing problems before they occur. Our comprehensive approach to maintenance produces maximized system efficiency and service life through regular inspection and maintenance and offers cost effective solutions for repair and replacement through value-added engineering, resulting in a win-win for our clients. In fact, the relationships we form with our clients often positions us as their “go-to” consultant for effective solutions for their facilities.