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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has become extremely important these days with the Pandemic opening the world’s eyes to the once misunderstood effects. Poor indoor air quality affects a person’s general well-being and health. Long term exposure to such things as allergens, dust, mold spores blowing from dirty duct work and many other pathogens that sometimes occupy our air can have long lasting, if not life altering, effects on our bodies. Some diseases have also been linked to contaminants in the air like asthma, which is linked to damp interior environments. Legionnaire’s disease has been proven to have a direct link to poor indoor air quality and equipment not operating to manufacturers specifications.

Call Diamond Mechanical today for a complete inspection of your total HVAC system. We can report on the total health of the HVAC system as well as the duct system and make necessary recommendations to ensure the cleanest air can be delivered in your commercial building.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) problems are not limited to homes. In fact, many office buildings have significant air pollution sources. Some of these buildings may be inadequately ventilated. For example, mechanical ventilation systems may not be designed or operated to provide adequate amounts of outdoor air. Finally, people generally have less control over the indoor environment in their office than they do in their homes. As a result, there has been an increase in the incidence of reported health problems. Contact Diamond Mechanical for a complete comprehensive inspection done to your buildings HVAC system. From unit to Duct work, to your breathing air, DMI can customize a complete package to effectively bring your indoor air up to current standards.

Millions of people spend a majority of their working hours in office environments. Indoor air quality (IAQ) can significantly impact the health, productivity and sense of well-being of the building occupants. Poor indoor air is estimated to cost the nation tens of billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and countless hours of illness and discomfort. Now, thru technological advancements made in the industry, we can effectively measure and compare the so called “Sick Buildings” and design real world applications to make your indoor air quality evolve into a healthy environment. Call Diamond Mechanical today for a comprehensive analysis of your duct and HVAC system to see if your air quality is below standards.

The importance of a clean HVAC and duct system. Inside your HVAC system, there is a constant flow of air when the system is calling for it. This air carries your hair, flake of dead skin, general dust, allergens, mold and bacteria a well in the air stream. Studies have shown the bacteria and mold spores can hold onto the dust inside the duct and HVAC system. This allows the spores and bacteria to grow, and become a heavier presence in the air stream. Having your system cleaned regularly will keep the counts down in your breathing air, and will generate a better indoor air quality. DMI will steam clean the evaporator coil and all components in this air stream inside the interior of your HVAC unit.

We then clean the duct system using state of the Air duct cleaning and sanitizing system. Once the system is cleaned, we will perform a final system misting to ensure all components are fully cleaned, sanitized and ready to deliver clean and healthy air. Call Diamond Mechanical for more information.

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